5 Tips for a Successful Gutter Placement: The Secrets Behind!


A rain gutter installation is critical to protecting your property from one of the most common difficulties for homeowners: moisture issues! For this, your drainage system must always be in good shape and well-placed, with all of its accessories, including gutter hangers. Your gutters will frequently collect large quantities of water during rainy seasons, as well as the impact of other elements such as leaves, debris, strong winds, and sunlight, and the material must be the same as the gutter to be able to hold the structure in place regardless of how heavy the rain is. In Woodstock, our team is ready to hoop up in your roof and help you out!

Rain gutter installation demands specific knowledge and abilities gained through experience in the area. One little error can be disastrous for the entire structure and therefore for your home. On this occasion, we are giving you 5 tips for a successful gutter placement!

Select the Proper Gutter Type

In the market, you can find a broad choice of gutters in various materials, and we know it can be confusing! But our specialists always recommend choosing the most durable alternative within your budget. Looking for a rain gutter contractor before purchasing new gutters would be quite beneficial since he will offer you vital information on the best gutter style, size, and material for your home.

Calculating the Slope

This is a vital consideration in any rain gutter installation! When viewed from the ground, a rain gutter system seems to be parallel to the roofline of the home, but they are slightly inclined, allowing rainfall to flow directly to the downspout.

Every guttering project has unique dimensions that require precise measuring; nonetheless, there is a fundamental formula that professionals use as a guide to begin the task. To guarantee proper drainage, your gutters should be pitched at 14 inches per 10 feet. This measuring must be as precise as possible, or you will encounter one of the following problems: If the pitch is too mild, the water will not get to the downspout and will get stuck in the gutter until it floods, causing leaky gutters and pooled water all over your home’s entrance or garage. On the other hand, if the pitch is too sharp, it will add an unappealing appearance to your façade.

Never, ever ignore precise measurement!

Gutter Positioning

Most people believe that gutters should be installed directly on the rooftop which it’s completely false because rainfall pulls back up on the underside of the roof and drips down. Rainwater will then run behind overhanging gutters, eroding the fascia boards along the way. To avoid this, install gutters a few inches lower on the roof. Therefore, an appropriate gutter placement is a key to the maintenance of your home. We recommend that you take your home’s gutter placement seriously!

Hanger Spaces

The prevailing climate of your area will determine suitable hanger spacing. If you live in warmer areas with unusual rain volumes, you can put gutter hangers near to the center of the gutter, no more than 36 inches or three feet apart. In wet environments, where gutters must deal with a greater volume of water for prolonged periods, they should be placed no more than 18 inches apart!

Installation of Flashing

When you install a Slide gutter flashing under the shingles and over the back edge of the gutter it will keep water from running behind your gutters and deteriorating your fascia over time, as well will save you a lot of troubles in the long run. The flashing should be slid under both the shingles and the roofing paper, but if it is too short to reach the back edge of the gutter, place an extra strip of metal sheet flashing over the gutter to secure it.


Although installing rain gutters may appear to be an effortless task, choosing a professional contractor to install for you will save you both time and money. You run the risk of harming your home or injuring yourself if you are not used to this type of activity. Our experienced rain gutter professionals, on the other hand, understand what precautions should be followed throughout the whole process.

You will discover that our team of experts has extensive knowledge in rain gutter installation, repair, and maintenance, as well as state-of-art tools to give you the tranquility that you are putting the entire installation in the best hands!


5 Tips for a Successful Gutter Placement: The Secrets Behind!
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