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Northwest Georgia’s Premiere Restoration Contractor

Sentinel Exteriors has been featured in magazines in Kennesaw, Acworth, and Woodstock, such as Sixes Living, The Townlaker, and Around Woodstock, Eagle Watch, Bentwater, and Around Town. We have provided top roofing services to homes all over  Georgia, from Cartersville to Columbus, and from Woodstock to Savannah. We have helped people from CEO’s to janitors, from soldiers to actuaries and enjoyed every minute of it. Our mission is to serve every one of our customer’s without exception. In that it means we will provide you with service that you would expect from a concierge company. Concierge? Hold on? What?



  1. (especially in France) a caretaker of an apartment complex or a small hotel, typically one living on the premises.

You know what concierge means but how can we apply it to your roof?

The Restoration Contractor You Never New You Needed

We are changing the roofing industry. We have no desire to be the biggest, the fastest or the gaudiest. What we do have the desire to be is THE HIGHEST RATED roofing contractor in North Atlanta. We want to literally knock your socks off with the process and we have some new things we have implemented to do that. How do we do that? Give us a call and let us show you our 4 Step Concierge Advantage. No, you don’t have to live in Country Club of the South, Sugarloaf or The Estates at Town Lake to take advantage of this. But, you do have to be a Sentinel Exteriors customer, and I promise, it won’t be something like other roofing companies!

What’s the Big Difference? Our Service. You can personally reach us at any time day or night with a few exceptions. We have a secretary but she likes to sleep so unless you call during night hours, you will probably get her. No question, your e-mail or phone call be returned within 12 hours. Not one minute over.

Our concierge service will offer quality and security not formally seen in the roofing contracting industry. Why do we do it? To hold us accountable and to allow you the security and the privacy with more comfort than you’d imagine while doing this. We don’t broadcast our secret to exceptional service but will share all the details with you when we sit down and do an assessment. But we can tell you this: you can think of our 4 Step Concierge Advantage like the experience you would receive when buying a luxury car (without the luxury car price tag!).

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Meet the Team


Preston Carter

Preston is the owner and founder of Sentinel Exteriors. The main thing he brings to your table is his passion. He has the desire to serve every single customer with dignity and respect and give them an ultimate example of what a contractor should be. Preston has worked for several other roofing contractors and has seen the worst examples of customer’s experiences. With those examples, he crafted a company to combat those contractors with a service that customers can truly rest assured.

Preston enjoys photography, swimming, and Krav Maga as well as being an avid off-roader! He serves at Woodstock City Church in Woodstock, Georgia and has been married to his “smokin’-hot” wife for 8 years. They have 3 beautiful children together with the most recent one being born just a short while ago.

Preston studied Finance/Marketing at Kennesaw State University and holds many licenses from Mortgage to Insurance to Insurance Adjusting.


David Blanton

David has been with Sentinel Exteriors for 3 years. He just celebrated 10 years marriage to his lovely bride, Alison. He is the son of a Minister/Educator and a nurse and esteems that; because like his parents, he reflects this when he serves his customers. David’s got a big heart and he really has never met a stranger. He loves the South Carolina Gamecocks with a passion and spending time with his two daughters at the pool and mastering the Weber grill.

David studied and graduated from Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, TN and earned a MD from Southwestern Baptist Thelogical Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.


Cindy Sanders

Executive Assistant

Cindy is a welcome addition to the Sentinel. Being a true Cobb County native, she was born in Marietta, Georgia and currently resides in Kennesaw . She has brought a plethora of knowledge of the Social Media to us. In addition to assisting the President, she helps scheduling and calling customers to ensure each individual is properly taken care of. After tending to her 4 children and her fiancée’, she seems to find time to read, travel and her favorite obsession, Social Media Marketing.  She is a member of Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta, Georgia and an alumni of Etowah High School. With her being a true neighbor, she looks forward to assisting you with your exterior needs.

Norman Reid

Sales, Construction Expert

Norm is not new at this business. He’s been at it for a long time as his own boss. Luckily, we had the opportunity to acquire his talents and his conversation. Norm has lived in Georgia all his life proudly resides with his wife of 20 years in Canton. He is also currently a real estate investor taking part in ripping apart rental properties and making them a better place to live for people who are his tenants. Take advantage of his presence and his light hearted approach, as he will surely make your project go much smoother and really ease the stress of renovating!

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Phil “Rocky” Salet

Regional Sales Manager

Rocky is an Alabama native. Having attended the University of Northern Alabama for school. He moved to Cherokee County nearly 30 years ago. He has been a business owner/entrepreneur for over 40 years. Having a successful UNA campus sandwich shop as a student, he developed an understanding of business. He also owns a marketing company and a travel agency. Rocky has been brought on as an adviser and a sales manager. He will help us make sure that you are receiving the best service at every level! Contact Rocky at rocky@stormguarded.com if you have any questions for him!

Brock Greer

Sentinel Exteriors, Sales

From sales to service, Brock Greer comes to Sentinel Exteriors with the total package. After having a father that has been in the automotive service industry for 30+ years, he knows how crucial it is that you are taken care of in every facet. Brock is completing his studies at Kennesaw State University. Not only is Brock a student of KSU, and an affluent customer service rep. He also makes time for his passion, lacrosse. He coaches kid’s lacrosse after being a star at Woodstock High School. Take advantage of his charm. Combined with the efforts of Sentinel Exteriors, he brings the complete package!

Matthew Verner

Punch Out Specialist

Matthew comes as a welcome addition to Sentinel Exteriors. Matthew is young, but not “wet behind the ears.” He has been in carpentry with his father, George, for over 5 years. His father has been with Sentinel for many years doing various projects. Matthew will be one who comes in to finish miscellaneous projects left to get job finished. His expertise is important because without men like him, jobs are left unfinished and the inevitable drags on and on and on. Matthew is expecting his first child with his love, Marissa. He is also an expert guitarist and finds time to play with his band at local scenes around Atlanta, including the coveted Masquerade in Atlanta! We are proud to welcome Matt and the tools and expertise he brings to the team at Sentinel!

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Natosha Ledbetter

Online Marketing

Natosha is a new addition to the Sentinel team. She brings 8 years of experience from an online marketing background. She first experienced Sentinel Exteriors as a customer and was so impressed with how we do business that she came on board to promote our company. She just celebrated her 10 year anniversary with her husband, Nathan. When they aren’t busy chasing around their 4-year-old son, they are working on home renovation projects or their vintage camper.

Natosha graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Landscape Architecture.