Add value to your home

add value to your home

Thinking about selling your home and wondering what repairs will add value to your home?

Sentinel Exteriors wants to help you make an informed decision regarding your home’s improvement plan, and add value to your home. We believe that you should never go into a large decision regarding your home, without all the facts. The following is a brief list of resources to assist you in making a decision about ways a new roof may add additional value to your home.

Consumer reports state that a new roof “will help assuage fears of water damage, ice dams, squirrel infestation, and other home disasters that can result from an old, shoddy roof” and this can immediately bump up your homes value 3-5%!

Remodeling Magazine states that in 2018, you can expect a 69.2% return on your roofing expense.

Reasons to improve your roof:

  1. Your roof may have minor damage that can be easily and quickly restored
  2. You may avoid building inspection issues that arise during inspection and appraisal
  3. The curb-appeal of your home will increase
  4. Your warranty may increase up to as much as 50 years!

In conclusion, a new or updated roof can add value to your home. Buyers will appreciate the updated appearance and warranty. You may avoid costly and frustrating issues during inspection and appraisal.

If you have questions, or if you would like to schedule a FREE roofing inspection, please call us at 404-631-6439 or contact us here.

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