Add value to your home

Thinking about selling your home and wondering what repairs will add value to your home? Sentinel Exteriors wants to help you make an informed decision regarding your home’s improvement plan, and add value to your home. We believe that you should never go into a large decision regarding your home, without all the facts. The following is [...]

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How To Choose Shingle Colors

Getting a new roof put on can be an exciting prospect. A new roof can make your house look considerably more pleasing from the outside, as well as keep you and your family comfortable in extreme temperatures and dry during storms. However, a new roof can almost seem like a fashion statement at times, because [...]

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Pros and Cons about Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are an excellent choice for roof repair or roof replacement jobs. They are both inexpensive and can come in a large variety of colors. Due to these facts, they have several common uses.  Their most common applications are on any sloped roofs, smaller residential projects, and single homes. Not only are asphalt [...]

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