How To Choose Shingle Colors

How To Choose Shingle Colors

Getting a new roof put on can be an exciting prospect. A new roof can make your house look considerably more pleasing from the outside, as well as keep you and your family comfortable in extreme temperatures and dry during storms. However, a new roof can almost seem like a fashion statement at times, because there are a plethora of options you have when choosing the materials for it.

Climate Control Through Roofing Color Choice

The first and most important part to consider when getting a new roof installed is to remember to find the climate of your area. The coloring of your roof can play a significant role in the temperature of your house. A light-colored roof can keep your home cooler by reflecting the sun’s rays, while a dark roof can absorb the sun’s rays and warm your house through conduction. If you live in a colder climate, you may want to consider a darker roof, while if it is warm or mild where you live, a light-colored roof may be just right for you.

Coordinating Your Roof with Your House

A new roof needs to coordinate with the rest of your house. Houses can come in several different colors and materials, and the new roof will look out of place if it is a different color palette than the rest of the house.

The color of your roof can change the way people view your house. Darker colors make homes look compact. Bright or lighter colors make them look expansive.

Once you believe you have found a color that you like and matched the rest of your house, try to imagine the finished product.

If you are still unsure what color would look best on your home, we are happy to provide a free roof replacement estimate to find the right shingle for your home.

Roof Color: Curb Appeal and Market Value

A beautiful looking roof can add a considerable sum to your house’s style, and to its resale value. However, beyond a roof just looking well done and clean, there are stylistic choices that you may wish to consider.

For instance, neutral colors may be a safe option that can keep your homes resale value high for many years to come, but a roof with a combination of colors is a popular option right now.

The contrast of colors is another crucial aspect to consider when replacing your roof. Color contrast is a great way to attract attention to, or away from, aspects of your house. Therefore, if there is an aspect of the house that you want to be emphasized, you should mark it with high contrasting colors. Inversely, if there is a less than aesthetically pleasing part of your home, pull attention away from it by gracing it with low contrasting colors.

Laws about Roof Color

While there are no federal laws that restrict roof colors, there may be another reason why you cannot have the fuchsia roof you have always wanted. It is not uncommon for homeowner associations (HOAs) to have the neighborhood-based regulation against specific colors. You will need to check with your neighborhood’s HOA to ensure that the color you chose meets regulations.

However, even if there is no such regulation in place, it is sensible to consider your neighbors in your roof choosing process. Your fuchsia roof will stand out sharply in a neighborhood full of tan or grey roofs and houses. The color choice may affect more than just you as well, as it may depreciate the property value of the entire neighborhood. Attempt to keep your roof style and design harmonious with your surroundings.  To find a color to accomplish this, you have to drive around the block a few times, looking for a house similar to yours with a roofing style you like.

Beyond Choosing Shingle Colors

There is more to a beautiful roof than just color choice. Several different materials can be used as roofing, and each has its specific look and style. Some examples are:

  • Thin layers of slate can be roofing material but are expensive. Although they do present some variety, the colors are limited to natural tones.
  • Concrete tiles can imitate wood shakes, clay tiles, or slate and have a wide range of colors.

Just picking the right color and style for your roof can be difficult. We are happy to help you make the right decision when choosing shingle colors for your home. We can work with your home’s architecture and within your neighborhood HOA’s regulations to provide roofing protection that is both practical and beautiful.

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