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The roof over your home is arguably the most important architectural element and what keeps the rest of the structure safe from wind, rain and solar exposure. If the materials of your roofing system become damaged and their vital function impaired, the rest of the structure is in danger. As an economically-minded homeowner, it is your task to stay a few steps ahead of this problem by keeping your roof in optimal conditions.

At Sentinel Exteriors our residential roofers in Crab Apple provide services that will allow you to preserve the longevity of your roofing materials to their full capacity. Through routine inspections, professional advice, timely repair work and the right selection of roofing materials we help homeowners in Crab Apple, Georgia squeeze every drop of value from their roofing investments.

How to Determine If I Need Roof Repairs or Replacements?

You don’t have to be a professional roofing contractor to tell that your roof is not in perfect condition, but there are some tell-tale signs that your roof is on its last legs and will need repair work or a full replacement soon.

Here are some signs that your roof will be needing professional attention:

Decay or Rot

Head into the attic armed with a flashlight and a screwdriver, look for signs that moisture has gotten through and affected the wood work or insulation. You can gently prod at off-color wood with the screwdriver to detect decay and rotting wood, which is weak and will give way easily. Moldy damp insulation is another bad sign.

Missing, Cracked, And Broken Tiles or Materials

Grab a pair of field glasses from your bird-watching gear and find a good vantage spot to scan the shingles, tiles and flashing. Everything should be perfectly aligned and flat. If you notice cracked tiles, warped shingles or rusty flashing, you will want to get repairs as fast as possible.

Aging Roofs

All roofs have an expiration date that is fast approaching. If your roof is fairly new, you may be able to have small portions of the roof repaired or even replaced. But if your roof is old, it would be a more cost-effective option to have the entire roof replaced, or you may need repair work again a couple of months down the line.

Roofing Inspections

If you notice any of the aforementioned roofing problems call us immediately. Our residential roofers in Crab Apple will perform a full-inspection of your roof and apply our expertise to identifying details that can escape all but the most experienced roofing professionals. After our inspection, we will advise you on the most advantageous course of action for preserving your roof or making a budget-friendly replacement right away — remember, that 60% of the cost of a roof is labor and overhead, so you never want to pay for that twice.

Residential Roofers in Crab Apple replacing Shingles

Types of Roofing Materials

At Sentinel Exteriors, our roofers have years of experience working in Crab Apple, so, we know what homes need to withstand the local climate and weather conditions. Here are some of the roofing materials we recommend to local homeowners.

Asphalt Shingles

Made from granulated asphalt laid over a fiberglass sheet, asphalt shingles are a worthy choice of roofing materials with a lifespan of 15 – 20 years if installed and maintained properly. They can also be found in an exciting array of colors and design features. A ‘square’ of asphalt shingles can cost between $150 – $200 (A ‘square’ is a unit of roofing measurement equal to 10’X10’).

Metal Roof

Widely respected as the most cost-effective roofing materials in terms of price for longevity, metal roofing materials are available in so many styles and designs that it boggles the mind. Better still, metal roofs can improve energy consumption by keeping your home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter — plus they are fireproof. A metal roof can cost between $300 – $1200 per square and last anywhere from 40 to 70 years.

Terracotta and Clay

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the wavy Southwestern Colonial look of terracotta or cement tiles and they even provide sound absorption for homes in noisy areas. They are also especially long-lasting and even at the lowest end a terracotta roof will last over 50 years, which is not bad for the decent price of $800 – $1200. It should be noted that this heavy roofing material will need a strong interior structure to support the weight.

Slate and Stone

If you have a stately mansion then nothing is better suited to boost the aesthetics of your home than an opulent stone or slate roof. These beautiful roofs are resistant to fire, mold and frost and will likely outlast the structure on which it is applied. Slate roofs can last over a century. Of course, you will have to reach deep into your pockets as slate and stone roofs can cost anywhere from $800 to $2000 for a square.

Why Choose Residential Roofers in Crab Apple

In all truth, the most important decisions that will affect the lifespan of your roof and the cost of your investment are not the roofing materials. The quality and longevity of your roofing materials will only be as good as the professionalism and experience applied to installation and repairs. So, it is essential that the roofing contractors you choose to work on your home are of the highest caliber.

Sentinel Roofing is a locally owned and operated company with a vested interest in the local community of homeowners in Crab Apple, Georgia. Because our very existence depends on our capacity to provide premium roofing services at a competitive price, we have a commitment to excellence and consistently find ways to exceed the expectations of our demanding customers. Roofing may be our primary activity, but our work and livelihood is our satisfied customers.

Final Notes on Sentinel Exteriors

The roof on your home is an important investment and we are here to add value to that investment with superior installations, inspections, maintenance and replacements. If you need assistance in hammering out a plan for cost-effective roofing systems, let Sentinel Roofing by your partner. Call us at [phone] for a FREE no-commitment estimate on our superior roofing services.


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