Difference Between Commercial And Residential Gutters

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The basic purpose of the gutters, whether commercial or residential gutters, is that they are meant to route rainwater away from the building. To this end, gutters are designed and installed so that water on the rooftop flows into the gutters, down the downspouts and then away into a container, garden bed, or another disposal area.

While the basic function of both types of gutters remains the same, there are some key differences between commercial and residential gutters. It is important to understand these differences which start right from installation and continue all the way to long-term maintenance.

Installation Process

Residential and commercial roofs differ from each other. Residential roofs are typically sloped, so that water runoff is along the slope and towards the edges of the roof. This is why it is logical to install gutters along the edges of the roof. In contrast, commercial roofs are flatter so that water runoff is not always angled. This makes it necessary for gutters to be installed differently, depending on the shape, size and other factors.

Size and Style

There is an obvious disparity in the size of the gutters used on commercial and residential roofs. This size also translates into the style choices for both types of roofs. Gutters on commercial roofs have to handle a larger volume of water runoff. So not only are these gutters larger in size, they are also usually box-shaped to better withstand water load. In contrast, residential gutters are often U-shaped and smaller in size. This is simply because they are generally not expected to handle a large volume of water.

Municipality Codes and Regulations

The building codes and regulations that apply to gutters vary significantly between commercial and residential structures. The regulations, as defined by the municipality authorities, are usually more relaxed when it comes to the gutters installed on residential homes. In contrast, the regulations may be more stringent for commercial gutters. In Georgia, for instance, a Drip Edge for the roof is a requirement.

In the case of commercial roofs, the local authorities may specify the materials that can be used for gutters as well as the positioning of the gutters. The positioning of the gutters is a particular concern with commercial roofs. This is because commercial gutters usually take in a lot of runoff during rains. The gutters must then be positioned and designed in a way that they don’t overwhelm the storm drains or damage other nearby properties.

Looks and Aesthetics

This is another notable difference between commercial and residential gutters. Commercial gutters are simply meant to do the job of managing water runoff. They are not even visible most of the times. In contrast, residential gutters are quite visible and are often regarded as an element of a house’s architecture. This is why the looks and aesthetics of gutters is a vital concern when it comes to residential roofs. You can choose from a variety of styles, sizes, colors and types in the residential category.

DIY vs Professional Installation

Residential gutters are relatively easier to install. This means that you can take a do-it-yourself approach towards installing them. If you are not experienced in the area, it is best to hire a professional. Commercial gutters, in contrast, must be installed by a professional in nearly all cases. This is because these gutters are larger, heavier, and costlier, and must be installed through a more cumbersome process.

Commercial Gutters Are Not Good For Homes

Many homeowners tend to think that commercial gutters will offer better rainwater management because they are larger. This is no strictly true. When done right, residential gutters can handle the runoff-water management for homes of all sizes. If you go with a commercial gutter, it will require more space along the board and trimming. It will also interfere with the aesthetics and overall theme of your roof. Finally, you don’t want to spend a lot more on commercial gutters when residential gutters, which cost a lot less, will still get the job done for you.

Hiring Roofing and Gutter Experts in Atlanta, GA

If you want to have a commercial or residential gutter installed anywhere in Atlanta, GA, we have got you covered. Here at Sentinel Exteriors, we offer a comprehensive range of gutter services. These include gutter inspections, repairs, replacements, and installation. Our experts can work with gutters of all shapes, sizes and styles. We also help you choose the right gutters to make sure you have an effective solution to handle runoff water from your roof. Reach us today to discuss your gutter needs, get free estimates, or to hire our services.


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