How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor in Woodstock, GA?

Contractors applying silicone roof coating

The roof of your home is one of its most important components. It is going to shield you from the sun, rain, snow, cold, and other elements. It is also the most prominent architectural feature of your home if you have a sloped roof. For these reasons, it is crucially important to make the right decisions when it comes to roof installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement.

If you need a new roof or simply need a job for the old roof, you must take care to choose the right contractor. A good contractor can do the job well and offer durable workmanship. In contrast, a less experienced contractor may do a poor job or even make a problem worse for your roof.

Many homeowners are somewhat confused when it comes to choosing a local roof contractor. If you are looking for a roofer in Woodstock, GA, here are some key factors you should consider when making a final decision.

Know the Team

Good roofing contractors typically have a qualified team of roofers who are certified, trained, and highly experienced. This is significant because people who are experienced and qualified will do a better job than those who aren’t. If you end up hiring a contractor with a poorly qualified team with no experience in the field, the contractor will do a makeshift kind of job. This will ultimately cause you to seek expensive roof repairs down the road. You can easily avoid this by checking out the credentials of the team members of a roofing company before hiring it.

Inquire About the Experience

Does the contractor have experience in residential or commercial roofs or both? Is the contractor equipped to handle roofs of different kinds, specifically the kind of roof that your home has? Has the contractor successfully completed previous jobs with good customer satisfaction? These are all questions you should ask when gauging the experience of a contractor. A company with genuine experience will easily answer these questions and furnish examples of previous jobs done.

Consult Others

In this digital age, it is quite easy to consult other people who have done business with a given contractor. You can check out a contractor’s ratings and reviews on Google Business pages, on their own social media pages or at other listings websites. You can also ask around in your local community to get a fair idea of the reputation of a contractor. If the contractor is reliable, the ratings, reviews, and customer opinion will reflect this clearly.

Ask for References

Another great way of narrowing your choices is to ask for references. Roofing companies with a good community standing will gladly furnish references. These are typically the previous customers they have served. You can then reach out to these references and ask them various questions to understand their experience with the company.

See the Materials and Service They Offer

Roofing companies can range wildly in terms of the quality of materials they use. This is because roofing materials come in a broad spectrum. So make sure you ask a contractor about the quality of the materials they use in a roofing job. Then do a quick survey around the market to see if the quality they are offering is good enough. You can also do quick research on the quality of service a roofing contractor offers.

Ask for Free Estimates

Most reputable roofing contractors will gladly look at your home and provide free estimates for roof installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement. This is a basic courtesy that most customers simply expect from a roofing company. If a contractor does not offer an estimate, you may be overcharged at the end of the roof job. Upfront estimates help keep things transparent and make sure no hidden charges are added to the final bill.

Hiring a Reliable Roofing Contractor in Woodstock, GA

Sentinel Exteriors has been offering world-class roofing services to homeowners and businesses near Woodstock, GA for many years. We take pride in delivering a quality of service that is head-and-shoulders above the competition. A testimony to this is our long list of clients.
Whether you want to have a new roof installed, get an existing roof repaired, or replaced you can rely on us. We handle all kinds of roofs with specialists trained in each type of roofing material. Our experts can also help you achieve things like weatherproofing when it comes to roofing. Contact us to get a FREE estimate today.


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