How Much Does it Cost to Install Gutters in Atlanta?


Gutters are an important component for both residential and commercial rooftops. If you have a home in Atlanta, you may particularly want to invest in gutters for your home’s roofing. This is because gutters are the most effective solution to route water away from the rooftop. Without proper water redirection, rainwater can pool up on your rooftop and then seep through the roof components and walls. Gutters effectively prevent this by removing any rainwater from the roof.

That being said, gutter costs are a key concern with homeowners. If you are about to add gutters to your roof, you will naturally want to know how much it is going to cost. A number of factors can affect the overall costs of the project. Here is a look at these.

Size of the Roof

The size of the roof is naturally a key consideration when determining the amount of material to be used in gutter installation. The larger a roof is, the greater is the number of gutters that will be required. This also translates into more labor costs. When you are considering gutter installation, make sure you have an expert measure the total required footage of the gutters beforehand.

Slope of the Roof

Flat roofs are easier to work with compared to roofs with a gradient. This also factors into the labor costs for gutter installation. A contractor is likely to charge you more for work on a roof with a slope. Other factors that may add to the difficulty of working on a roof can also add to labor costs.


Roofs with higher elevation pose a greater risk. As a result, workers involved in installation need to take greater safety measures when doing the job. Such concerns are typically involved when working on commercial gutter installation as residential roofs usually have a limit on maximum elevation.

Type of Gutters

The bulk of the costs involved in installation are related to the material used. You can choose from a variety of material types and this has an impact on the total installation costs. PVC installations, for instance, cost less and you can expect to pay around $3 to $6 per linear foot for these gutters. Aluminum gutters, which are often the choice for many homeowners, can cost between $6 and $14 per linear foot. For galvanized steel gutters, the average price tag is $8 to $12 per linear foot. So the material you choose has a huge impact on the total installation costs.

Existing Gutters

If you are replacing existing drainage with new ones, this means that the old gutters will first need to be removed. This will require additional work for the installers. The removal process may also cracks, gaps, or holes that will need to be plugged before new gutters can be installed on top.

Metal Work

For most installations, you may further need to spend some money on metal work such as the drip edge and flashing. The drip edge, in particular, is often required as per the local building codes. It also adds to the effectiveness of the gutters. Without a drip edge, the water from the rooftop may still end up seeping through the edges of the roof. The metal work may add some amount to the overall costs of the project.

Average Gutter Installation Costs in Atlanta

The average cost for having seamless aluminum gutters installed at your home is around $1,400. This is the cost for 150 linear feet of gutters with 4 downspouts. However, you may be able to get better deals from the local gutter contractors. To break it down, your local installers may offer $4 to $7 per foot, including both material and labor costs. The costs can vary significantly, so it is best to get a quote from multiple contractors before you make the hire.

Hiring Reliable Gutter Installers in Atlanta, GA

If you are looking for qualified gutter installers for the installation of residential or commercial gutters at an Atlanta, GA property, we can help you. Here at Sentinel Exteriors, we have been offering a comprehensive range of roofing services in Atlanta and surrounding areas. We take pride in offering an impeccable quality of service at costs that are affordable. We also offer free advice on the choice of gutter materials and types. Call us today to get a free quote, consult our experts, or otherwise hire our services for gutter installation.


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