How to Locate and Repair Roof Leaks?

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A leaky roof is a common problem that homeowners face on a frequent basis. The fact is that even the best types of roofs, installed by the leading professionals, can develop leaks over time. This may be due to even a minor mistake in installation, unusual weather conditions, new roof renovations, or a variety of other reasons.

The good news is that if you are willing and experienced, you may be able to locate roof leaks with the help of the right tools. In many cases, you can even repair a roof leak on your own. However, it is usually best to leave the job to professional roofers. If you do intend to take a DIY approach to locating and repairing roof leaks, here are some tips to guide you in the right direction.

Locating Roof Leaks

Roof leaks develop over time. Although roof leaks can develop virtually anywhere on your roof, most roofs develop leaks in a few defined problem areas. These include:


Flashing is typically installed around various roof features to direct water away from them. In particular, it is aimed at preventing water from seeping into the seams around chimneys and other areas with joints such as the angles of the roof. When flashing is not properly sealed, it fails to do its job properly. As a result, water may seep under the flashing and through the seams. When looking for roof leaks, it is a good idea to thoroughly inspect every piece of flashing installed on the roof.


Chimneys serve a very practical purpose in some homes while other homeowners may prefer them for their classic aesthetics. And while chimneys do look great on a rooftop, they are a problem area when it comes to roof leaks. This is simply because erecting a chimney creates angles on the roof as well as an opening. Although a good professional can properly seal the chimney to prevent water seepage, poor installations are woefully common. As a result, water leaks coming from the chimneys are not an uncommon sight after exceptionally strong rains or hail storms.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles are a common roofing material in many homes. Shingle roofing comes with an obvious aesthetic appeal. That being said, damaged shingles on the roof are an invitation for the rainwater to seep into your home. If you spot cracked, missing, or damaged shingles on your roof, these are sure areas for leaks. The good news is that having the problem shingles replaced will quickly resolve the problem in this case.


Like chimneys, skylights are another feature that offers both practical use and great looks. Likewise, they are also the areas where the roof is vulnerable to water seepage and leaks. If the roof leaks at your home are caused by a problem skylight, the solution is to have the skylight properly sealed.

Repairing a Leaky Roof

The best way to handle roof leaks is to avoid them in the first place. This can be done by inspecting your roof on a routine basis. However, this may not be practical for all homeowners. You can alternatively ask a professional roofer to give your roof a routine inspection every once in a while.

Another way of preventing roof leaks is to ensure that you use quality roofing materials. At the same time, the roofing material must be installed by an experienced and reputable roofing company. These timely precautions can save you a lot of expense and pain in terms of roof repairs down the road.

That being said, if you do have roof leaks, preventive measures are no longer an option. Instead, it is time to plug the leaks and take care of them. You can take care of minor and obvious leaks on your own using a quality sealant. However, if the damage that is causing the leak is extensive, you will need professional help.

Hiring a Reliable Roofing Company in Woodstock, GA

If your roof has developed leaks, it is critically important to have it repaired on an urgent basis. Roof leaks can deteriorate quickly and the more you delay, the more extensive will be the damage to the roof structure.

Here at Sentinel Exteriors, we have been offering world-class roofing services to Georgia homeowners and commercial properties. Our experts are able to work with all roof types, identifying roof leaks quickly and plugging them effectively. We also offer routine inspections to prevent roof damage and leaks in the first place. Contact us today to schedule a roof inspection or get a free estimate on roof damage repairs.


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