Tips to Increase the Life Of Your Commercial Roofing

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Commercial roofing is typically applied on commercial buildings and is usually flat or with a very little slope. This is to accommodate the specific needs and requirements of commercial structures. A flat roof at a shopping mall or a factory, for instance, offers plenty of space to station outdoor HVAC units. That being said, commercial roofing is in contrast to residential roofing which is very often sloped significantly. This is why the care and maintenance regimen for commercial roofing is different from that for residential roofing.

In general, commercial roofing is meant to be very durable, which means that you can expect it to last several decades. However, that is only possible when you make the right decisions from the installation all the way to maintenance and repairs. Here are some tips to make sure that your commercial roofing stays in a good shape and lasts a long time.

Choose the Right Design

Some commercial structures can make do with pitched roofs. For others, flat roofs work best. It is important to know the expected rooftop utilization of the roof before you choose the right design. Other factors will also need to be considered such as load-bearing capacity. In the end, the design of your roof is the first and critically important step. If you get it right, your other choices regarding the roof will likely fall in line.

Ensure the Use of Durable Materials

When you are in the process of having commercial roofing installed, it is vital that you choose the right roofing material. Depending on what type of a commercial building it is, you can choose from metal roofs, bitumen roofs, concrete roofs, tar and gravel roofs, as well as various other options. You must consider the expected exposure of the roof when choosing the right materials.

For instance, if the commercial building is a manufacturing facility where corrosive gases may be produced as a byproduct, standard metal roofing may not be the most viable option. Similarly, if exposure is minimal and you don’t intend to put a lot of load on the roof, bitumen roofs can be an effective option as it is extremely durable.

Use Ventilation Solutions

Proper ventilation of the roof is important to regulate moisture and temperature right under the roofing. If ventilation is poor, humidity will set in and promote growth of mold. This can result in some serious roof damage over time. With the advice of a good roofing company in Atlanta, GA, you can implement a ventilation solution that is tailored to the size, design and type of your commercial roofing.

Schedule Timely Maintenance

Roofs can develop leaks, cracks, ventilation issues as well as other problems over time. This is why it is important to have a professional inspect your commercial roofing on a regular basis. You can ensure this by scheduling routine inspection and maintenance of the roof. A professional inspection makes sure that any problems with the roofing are identified and resolved in time.

Keep the Rooftop Clear

It is important to keep the top of your commercial roofing as clear as possible. Any debris that is allowed to sit on the rooftop allows humidity to pool up, causing potential damage to the roof. It can also impact the ventilation and temperature-regulation capabilities of the roof. At the same time, debris can prevent a thorough inspection of the rooftop. For instance, if a leak exists under a pile of debris, it can take quite some time before the leak is identified, leading to more expensive repairs down the lane.

Get Timely Repairs

Timely repairs are critical for the health of your commercial roofing. Given the exposure most commercial roofs see, especially in an industrial setting, even a small damage or leak can become worse very quickly. As a result, repairs costs can multiply with just a minor delay. Timely repairs ensure that this doesn’t happen. With a repair that is performed in time, the problem is resolved before it can get worse.

Hiring a Reliable Roofing Company in Atlanta, GA

If you are looking for the installation, repair, inspection or maintenance of your commercial roofing in Atlanta, GA, we have got you covered. Here at Sentinel Exteriors, we offer a comprehensive range of services for your commercial roofing. Being the go-to commercial roofer in town, we also work with you to sort out insurance issues in the event of damage to your commercial roof. Our roofers can also handle full replacement of a commercial roof. Contact us today for a free estimate or consultation with our experts.


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