5 Reasons to Should Schedule Professional Roof Inspections

5 Reasons to Should Schedule Professional Roof Inspections

The roof over your head is one of the most important components of the building. Whether it’s a commercial structure or your home, the roof is the very part of the building that shields you from rain, hail, snow, sun, and other elements. This is why it is critically important that the roof is in good shape.

A good way to ensure that your roof is fine is to schedule a routine inspection by a professional. You may be tempted to conduct the inspection on your own. And you can actually tick off some areas of the roof integrity on your own by giving it a thorough look. However, only a roofing professional can truly assess every aspect of the roof and make a sound judgment as to whether or not the roof is safe. Here are some key reasons why you should schedule a professional inspection of your home.

Timely Prevention

Roof repairs can be quite costly. And in the case of more extensive damage, you may have to go with a full roof replacement. These steep expenses can be often avoided simply by resolving roof problems at the right time. Even a small roof issue like a tiny hole can become worse very rapidly. The great thing about professional roof inspections is that a roofer will identify and take care of any problems before they can become worse. This saves you a good deal of money, time, and hassle down the road.


Roof inspections should ideally be a part of routine roof maintenance. Your roof requires maintenance at regular intervals. Different roofing materials have a different regimen of maintenance activities. A rubber-based roofing material, for instance, may require little to no maintenance. Shingles, on the other hand, may require various maintenance activities to make sure they remain in good shape. So when you do schedule roof maintenance, you can also request a detailed roof inspection and assessment. This gives you two benefits with the hassle of only one.

Speedy Insurance Claims

Professional roofers like Sentinel Exteriors usually offer help with filing insurance claims. With qualified in-house experts who are very well acquainted with the insurance process, roofing companies can help you get your claim filed and settled in a fairly brief time. This is particularly important in the wake of roof damage caused by storms or any other sudden event. At such a time, hiring a professional roofer for inspection may also mean that you will have the roof repaired at the earliest.

Zero Hassle

You can ideally inspect your own roof. However, it requires a good deal of hassle and there’s always the risk that you are missing something crucial. If your roof has a slope, you also run the hazard of personal injury. A convenient thing about hiring a professional for inspection is that you hand over the full responsibility for roof assessment to someone who is experienced at doing it. A professional performs roof inspections on a daily basis and is far better equipped to be thorough with it. So you essentially have to experience zero hassle once you hire a pro.


One of the paramount advantages of hiring a professional for roof inspection is that you will have complete peace of mind. The roof, as stated above, is the most critical aspect of your home. It serves as the vital barrier of security between you and the outdoors. In the event of a storm, an uninspected roof with structural weakness can sustain significant damage, or worse collapse. This results in extensive property damage while also putting you and your family in harm’s way. When your roof is already inspected by a professional and any problems with it resolved in time, you don’t have to worry about such an eventuality.

Hiring a Professional Roofing Company in Woodstock, GA

If you live in Woodstock, GA, and want to have your roof professionally inspected, we can help you. Here at Sentinel Exteriors, our expert roofers are experienced in the inspection and assessment of all kinds of roofs. We can work with all roof types, sizes, and roofing materials.
Whether you want a roof assessment on a routine basis or want us to assess it in the wake of storm-related damage, we have got you covered. We also work with you to file insurance claims and have the damage resolved in the briefest timeline. Contact us today to book our roof inspection services or consult with professional roofers for all matters related to commercial and residential roofing.


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