Safely install lights on your roof

Roof Christmas lights at night

Don’t damage your home, or yourself when decking your halls this year! Follow some of these simple tips to safely decorate your roof for the holidays!

Do you remember old Clark Griswold stapling his lights to his roof? While hilarious, we at Sentinel Exteriors can safely tell you, that is a bad idea! Fortunately, there are many new and improved roof lighting options that you can re-use year after year.

Our personal favorites are these shingle tabs, which you can purchase here.

Shingle tabs roof lighting

Another great option is the All-In-One Clip and the Clay Roof Tile Clips are great for those with clay tiles.

all in one roof clip christmas lights

After determining the right clips for your roofs lighting purposes, plan out how you will go about stringing the lights.

Follow these steps to increase safety and ease when adding lights to your roof:

  • Above all, safety first! Make sure you have a helper! Not only is it crucial to have someone to stabilize your ladder, but they can also hand you tools, lights, and tell you how your handiwork is looking!
  • Map out where you want your lights to go. Measure out the distance and be sure you have enough lights to cover the area.
  • Before stringing lights, be sure that they are working and that you are using the correct voltage.
  • Be sure to check that your ladder is in great shape. Tighten screws where needed and be sure the feet are firmly planted on the ground. Follow these tips to ensure your ladder is correctly positioned,
  • It is wise to walk as little as possible on your roof, to extend its life and to keep you safe! If you must, be sure to wear the correct shoes for the job. Some options are: Vans  Old Skool Classic, Timberland Pro Work Boot, Georgia Boots, or some sturdy Basketball Shoes.
  • If possible, work when the roof and ground are dry to decrease your safety risk. Here in Woodstock, GA we do not often encounter snow, but if you are in a location with variable weather, you may want to plan to work early, before snow sets in.

Things to consider…

When buying lights, choose shorter strands, so that if/when they go out, it is a cheaper and easier fix.

Your source of power should be a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. If you do not have one, we recommend having a certified electrician install one for you.

When all is finished, step back and enjoy the beautiful job you have done!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Sentinel Exteriors!

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