Safely Remove Snow from Your Roof

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Winter is all fun and games until we have to remove snow from our roofs safely. The joy we feel as we wait for the first snowfall of the year seems to be fleeting, rapidly replaced by feelings of frustration. As beautiful as snow is, clearing it all off our property is arduous and exhausting work. Our Woodstock roof contractors can easily help you with this tedious task!

All homeowners who live in snowy places are aware of the threats that snow poses to their homes, particularly when huge amounts of snow accumulate and produce ice dams. It is critical to safely snow remove snow from your home, so if you want to avoid major structural damage to your property, keep reading!

When to Remove Snow 

Knowing whether you need to do anything at all is maybe the most crucial roofing advice. Residential rooftops must normally be designed and built to bear large quantities of weight from snow. Your home is generally safe as long as the snow is light and not too heavy.

Although the sight of your home’s rooftop covered in mounds of fresh snow may make you feel apprehensive, keep in mind that the weight of the snow is more essential than the depth of the snow. Dry and fluffy snow is lighter and less likely to cause damage than wet snow.

Keep a Good Eye on the Condition of Your Roof

Examine your roof’s plan or, if possible, conduct a visual assessment to verify you understand its structure. Make a mental image of the valleys, hip joints, gables, rakes, and peaks. Be aware of the location of the vents, skylights, and gutter. Also, determine your roof’s load-bearing capacity and compare it to the current snow load.

As we stated before, snow can be heavy and roughly weighs 15 pounds (16.02 kg/m3) per cubic foot. However, saturated snow can weigh up to 20 pounds per cubic foot (320.37 kg/m3).  If you can remove four inches (10.16 cm) of snow rather than waiting until 18 inches (45.72 cm) has accumulated, that’s even better. As layers of snow accumulate, you may wind up with ice layers beneath the snow, making snow removal exceedingly dangerous.

Using the Correct Snow Removal Equipment

Roof rakes are recommended by most professionals for cleaning snow off rooftops since they can be used to reach the top of your house without using a ladder. Shovels should only be used if the snow has solidified or if there is a significant amount of snow that cannot be removed with a roof rake. To reach the overhangs of your roof on two- and three-story homes, use extension poles on your rake. If there is too much-wet snow and a rake isn’t cutting it, hire a snow removal professional!

We always recommend using a plastic shovel to remove snow off your roof, never use metal shovels, ice picks, mechanical equipment, and other sharp objects. Roof damage is simply too huge a risk and leaks may follow. Keep yourself and your home safe!

Use the Right Methodology

To safely remove snow start at the overhangs and work your way up to the peak, removing about a foot of snow at a time. The reason for this is because removing too much snow at once will cause the snow to build and become heavier, making it much more difficult to clean.

Heavy drifts should be removed first to equalize the load, but for gabled roofs, you should start at the ridge and work your way to the eaves for the greatest results. Snow should never be “stockpiled” on the roof for a short period. Winter poses numerous issues for homes, including roofing. It is preferable to minimize rooftop snow removal, but if it is necessary, it must be done safely and efficiently.

Do Not Go to Up the Roof

As previously said, the safest roofing advice is to store your ladder in your garage and clear the snow off the ground. Without the correct equipment and training, it is very easy to fall off the roof and get catastrophic injuries. Instead, use your roof rake to clear any snow you can reach while standing on the ground, and focus on the overhangs to avoid ice jams.

Hiring a Snow Removal Professional in Woodstock

Hiring professionals to clear snow for you is the most effective, convenient, and safe method to do so. Woodstock’s team of specialists performs snow removal services using professional-grade tools and equipment and can assist you in safely, securely, and affordably removing snow from your property.

Give us a call today to speak with a staff member about removing snow from your rooftop, as well as our snow-clearing services and rooftop installations!


Safely Remove Snow from Your Roof
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