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Gutters & Gutter Covers

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” ~ Charles Dudley Warner

While this is clever and somewhat silly, the truth resounds, as well. Complaining, raving, and delighting in the weather – good or bad – becomes almost second nature to us. However, you never really stop to think about what that weather may be doing to your overlooked home. You may tend to take it for granted.

Let’s take gutters, for instance. How often do you go outside and think, “Better check those!”? Probably rarely. But, with inclement weather, they can leak, get clogged, and inadvertently cause leaks near the foundation of your home. As Amerimax says, “Clean gutters protect your roof and foundation.”

And if gutters have an impact on two of the most important components of your home, the roof and foundation, it goes without saying that your gutters are playing a critical role in keeping your home safe and dry.

Basic Gutter Maintenance

For the most basic of needs, you’ll want to check your gutters at the very minimum once a year to make sure everything is on the up and up. And, the recommended amount of time for checking/cleaning your gutters tends to vary but put it into perspective. If you have a property with a lot of trees, consider checking several times a year due to the leaves and debris. If not, then perchance keeping the timing to the spring and the fall when the weather begins changing either way. Good practice, and hopefully the motions will turn into a habit.

Gutter Damage Warning Signs

According to an article written by Joshua Palmer for Angie’s List regarding gutter repair and replacement tips, some warning signs to look for that may be shouting to repair or replace your gutters include:

  • Looking for leaks in corners, stains from water or overflow, or rust in steel gutters.
  • Gutters should also hang level, so something needs to be done if they are turning down more toward the front.
  • Making sure gutters are secured well. If they aren’t, they will start sagging (as mentioned previously with the turning down).
  • Looking for gutter joints pulling apart or overflowing during storms.
  • Going along with overflowing, if you notice water coming out from behind the gutter, there’s definitely something wrong.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

If you’re tired of climbing up on that ladder every weekend during the fall to clean your gutters, gutter guards may be the perfect solution for you. Professional grade gutter covers can help reduce your annual headaches in leaf blockages and water damage to your home’s foundation.

As far as the gutter guards, screens or covers, it goes without saying that cheap home improvement store screens may not be the best investment as they can get clogged by particles from trees (cotton, fuzz, etc) and defeat the purpose of having them. That’s assuming they actually stay in place instead of popping out of the gutter. Though there are several types of guards, screens, and covers, using a secure gutter cover that suits your situation best makes the most sense. Gutter covers or guards can seem expensive at first, but they make gutter maintenance little to zero maintenance.

Lifetime Gutters

The consensus seems that if you are using aluminum gutters, you keep up the maintenance on them, and use professional-grade gutter covers, then those gutters should really last a lifetime. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? Never needing to replace gutters sounds phenomenal.

Coming full circle, rather than just talking about the weather, make a conscious effort to do a little something about it as well! You can prevent yourself the hassle of any major repairs by taking the preventative measures needed for the “health” of your gutters with a gutter cover, guard, or screen. The information is at your fingertips, and you’ve been urged to take a look, so do not hesitate.

Rest easy knowing that your home now needs one less matter handled, and you are fully prepared for that weather you talk so highly (or not so highly) of with others.