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5 Reasons Why You Need Gutter Guards

Home gutters are an important feature to protect your home’s foundation and roof. Without them, your home can face damage from wind, rain and flying debris after a storm. Quality gutter guards help keep your gutters clear of debris, so you can rest easy about the integrity of your roof and foundation. Even if you don’t have large trees in your yard, leaves, debris and pests can make home in your gutters without the benefit of gutter guards. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider adding high-quality gutter guards to your home.

Now, we aren’t talking about those gutter guards at the home improvement store that pop out of your gutters on a whim. Oh no. We have access to high-quality metal mesh gutter guards that are secured to your gutter, meaning they won’t pop out and critters can’t get in. Pair professional gutter guards with professional installation by a Woodstock gutter installation company, and you will be saving yourself a semi-annual trip up the ladder to those gutters for years to come.

Keep reading to see why these gutter guards are going to change your life.

Storm debris can build up

Severe storms can do a number on your home, from blown shingles to downed power lines and trees. One of the main places on your home that can be damaged by storms are your gutters. Inspect your gutters for damage from fallen debris. Storm debris can ultimately cause damage to your home’s roof and foundation, however, blown debris such as pine needles, leaves, sticks and shingles can clog up your gutters and make them inefficient.

If the debris is left to collect, it can clog your downspouts, making it easier for water to stand in your gutters. Also, nesting animals such as birds can make their nests in your gutters. While the sounds of singing blue jays may sound nice from time to time, their continued presence can ultimately tax your gutter system and cause damage to your home in the long run.

Little critters can make home in your gutters

Gutters make the perfect home for bird nests, squirrels and even wasps and other stinging bugs. Mice, which can climb vertically up your home’s exterior, also like to make their home in your gutters. Not only can vermin damage your gutters, prompting costly repairs and replacement over time, they can pose a danger to your family by carrying disease or subjecting you to painful stings.

Burrowing animals and insects can spell big financial and structural damage to your home. Protecting your roof from holes and sealing any troublesome spots can help preserve your roof. During gutter guard installation, we will be sure to inspect the structure of your roof for any damaged areas that could provide access for critters.

Standing water spells disaster

Whether it’s springtime or the height of winter, standing water that accumulates in your gutters can spell big trouble for your home. In the warmer weather, standing water in your gutters due to clogged downspouts can breed mosquitoes and other troublesome insects. Standing water can make your home a breeding ground for disease, putting you and your family at risk. The freezing, thawing and refreezing of water in the winter can also be hazardous to your home. Water expands as it freezes, putting a strain on your already taxed gutters. Without proper, consistent clearance of your gutters, standing frozen water can strain your gutters and your home.

Moisture that seeps into your home can also promote the growth of mold, mold spores and make environmental allergies worse for your home’s occupants. Mold can grow quickly and can hit your pocketbook hard with the cost of a proper abatement. Prevention is key: Clearing your gutters of clogs that can result in standing water can save your roof and your foundation from damage.

Can help increase the longevity of your gutters

Gutter guards can save you time, energy and a trip up your ladder by protecting your gutters from accumulating debris. Standing water, nesting animals and the constant collection of debris can tax your gutter system and put the health of your home in jeopardy.

By keeping the channels clear, you can maximize the lifespan of your gutters. And with the average replacement cost of home gutters on the rise, keeping your gutters and your roof in top shape are important to the overall health of your home and your property value.

Safety First

Maintaining your gutters and roof can mean putting your neck on the line (literally) when you don’t have gutter guards. Periodic maintenance of your gutters can mean getting on a ladder to clean your gutters regularly. You’ll need proper fall protection, especially if you have a two-story home. And you can still be at risk of electric shock from exposed electrical wiring if you’re not careful.

If nesting animals, insects and other vermin have managed to take up residence in your gutter system, safely removing their homes can be a logistical and financial nightmare. Damage to your home is possible, too. While you can outsource gutter cleaning to some companies, the cost of doing so (not to mention the hit to your homeowner’s policy if someone is injured on your property) often is more expensive in the long run than purchasing good quality gutter guards.

Choosing high-quality gutter guards for your home is a sound, safe investment into your home’s longevity. By installing gutter guards to keep your gutters clear of debris, standing water and pests, you can put your best foot forward to preventing damage to your roof, foundation and other structures within your home. Give us a call today to get a free quote for gutter guard installation in Woodstock.