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Copper Gutters | Styles & Designs

Copper gutters: they just make cents! Did you catch that? Regarding cents or sense, the truth remains. Pennies or gutters, copper can be a great go-to! Plus, you will need pennies for your gutters, so the cycle comes full circle.

Filtering through information about gutters can be boring and cumbersome. So hopefully, this article will shine some light on copper gutters for you.

About Copper Gutters

One major benefit to copper gutters is no rust and no rot. What a wonderful concept there! Besides the long-lasting durability due to that simple fact, you will find that if treated correctly when installed, the beautiful color will remain (generally speaking).

You will find yourself paying for the convenience of maintenance free material, but the money you will save in maintenance fees will likely cover the extra cost over time. Do NOT let the cost deter you if copper gutters set your heart aflutter. With that said, you can take a look at this cost estimator to get a good idea of the range you may be looking at from HomeAdvisor.

Copper Gutter Options

As with any gutter, you will have a few decisions to make. If you look at guttersupply, all the different types of copper gutters you can choose lay out before you.

On display are k-style copper gutters, half round, half round euro, copper highback, as well as all the different types of copper accessories you need for installation (elbows, downspouts, hangers, shanks, etc.).

Finding what looks best on your home becomes a little easier with a snippet of the shape and style of these choices. Also, there are a few tips to take into consideration when selecting the style are at the bottom of the guttersupply page.

Are Copper Gutters Right For Me?

Justin Knabb makes some great points about whether or not investing in copper gutters is a good move for you in his article on specialty design & manufacturing. Some important notes he touches on include:

  • Keeping consistent with your neighborhood
  • Adding value or curb appeal to your home
  • How long you plan on staying in your home – could be a selling point or hold up for the lifetime of home
  • Whether you are replacing pre-existing copper spouting and want to cut corners or not
  • Taking the durability and long-lasting material into account for importance

Also mentioned is if “you love the look of copper.” All of these are important factors to weigh when considering copper gutters.

Copper Gutters in Atlanta

One benefit or issue you may run into is the copper gutter turning green over time. Some love the look of copper’s patina, and some prefer the shiny golden color. However, there are products that can slow the patina process if desired.

Copper Gutters As A Design Accent

There are plenty of ways to incorporate the different copper gutter choices on your home. If you browse Pinterest, you may notice some of these beautiful options and how they incorporated them into the designs of the homes. Coordinating with the color choices of the siding, the siding materials, and accents can give your home high-end curb appeal.

Placement is an important aspect of using copper gutters into the design of your home, as well. How little or how much you want to be visible for the curbside appeal. Plus, all of the small accent pieces can elevate the look, and likely value, of your home.

Do you prefer the rustic modern farmhouse style? Let copper help you finish that feel. Either let it oxidize as seen here or just choose not to shine it up quite as much and leave it a bit duller in places.

Then again, if you like a more high-end, elegant feel, then the finish on the copper gutters/downspouts and the shape/color coordinating play a role in that finished look you want to achieve. With the customization available, your vision can truly come to life.

Copper Gutters in Woodstock

If you want gutters to stand the test of time, require little maintenance, and the extra initial cost fits your budget, then copper gutters make sense (and cents!). They will pay for themselves over time and the added beauty to your home can absolutely be worth the extra expense.

Let us know if you have any questions about the many options out there about copper gutters. Our Woodstock roofers are happy to come out and take a look at your home for a free estimate to install copper gutters.