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Galvanized Gutters

Gutters, gutters, who’s got gutters?? You do!

Besides needing to do the correct maintenance on them, you need to decide what material you want to use for your gutters. Yep, another choice in the home repair/upkeep department. But, look no further for a little leg up.

What is so special about galvanized gutters? Galvanized just means that the steel (or iron) is coated with a protective layer of zinc. You can infer that a protective layer means stronger, right? It helps the material prevent rusting and makes it stronger and tougher to scratch. Besides this, you get a more rugged look to the steel which some people favor.

Pros & Cons Of Galvanized Gutters

What might be some pros and cons involved with galvanized gutters? You may find a bit of back and forth between galvanized vs. aluminum gutters.

But, a great look into the positives regarding galvanized gutters for your gutter material of choice is Marc Dickinson’s HomeAdvisor article. A little bit of the obvious gets covered with wooden gutters being expensive and having a tendency to crack or rot (water damage).

Then, you see into a bit of why galvanized gutters go above and beyond. Maintenance will always be needed in any gutter material type, but galvanized gutters “are sturdier and won’t crack under the pressure of wind gusts, falling branches, or collected yard waste, such as leaves, twigs, and mud.” They also do not dent, twist, or break when hit with debris or ladders as easily as aluminum.

Painted Galvanized Gutters

Plus, the bonus, you can match or coordinate with the exterior of your home by painting galvanized gutters. Bet you never even dreamed of painting your gutters. Rest assured, that has now become an option. Imagine the possibilities.

Galvanized Gutter Maintenance

As previously mentioned, maintenance will STILL be necessary. But galvanized gutter maintenance is basically just cleaning and checking to see if the paint has flaked. The protective coating can help, but, again, since galvanized gutters are already coated, after a few years (like 10) the paint can flake off and need a touch-up. If you choose not to provide the necessary care, then you run the risk of allowing it to rust (especially at corners and seams) and shortening the life span of the gutters.

Galvanized Gutter Installer

While you can choose to try to install them yourself, galvanized gutters are heavy (and heavy duty), so it may serve you well to hire a professional gutter installation company in Woodstock to install them for you. Going this route will guarantee that they are properly connected and help avoid any problems like leakage later on.

Though a warranty may be offered by some manufacturers since galvanized gutters are durable products that have little to no problems a warranty is not typically necessary.

How Much Do Galvanized Gutters Cost?

A few factors need to be taken into consideration for the cost of galvanized gutters plus installation. How many stories in your home, the perimeter of your home and time of year should be taken into account depending to calculate pricing. And, the installation may be dependant on the weather.

If you would like a round-about cost for galvanized gutters and installation, try this guide from Fixr. You get the item, unit cost, quantity, and line cost to at least give you an idea of what the overall cost may be close to. You also get the national average, low, and high, to help base your numbers off of and so you can have a ballpark idea of how much galvanized gutters will cost.

Of course, if you would like to know true figures, our roofers in Woodstock will gladly provide free estimates to tell you how much galvanized gutter installation will cost without any hidden expenses or unknowns.

Galvanized Gutters in Atlanta

Hopefully, you find this information revealing and enlightening. Your gutters, and your home, will thank you for taking the time out to gain a little knowledge in the matter and make an educated decision for a long-lasting, relatively care-free gutter material choice.

For a fun added comparison of gutter materials, look at this infographic from Muth Roofing. Keep in mind galvanized will last longer than “regular steel” and the maintaining section above will ensure the lifespan of galvanized gutters.

Delight in knowing your gutters will be one less pain in your neck. Happy homemaking!