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Truly Lifetime Composite Roof

“The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head.” — Sol Hurok

Do you have a sound roof over your head? Or a damaged roof with some trouble spots? If you’ve dealt with any roof issues, then you know the stress it can cause and the weight you bear until the problem is resolved.

I am a local Woodstock mom here to chat a bit about my recent experience and reasons for choosing a Lifetime Composite Roof. I recently needed to address shingles flying off in the wind and being damaged by a hail storm. When I realized what had happened, my heart sank.

Not only had I not been prepared for combating such, but adding to my to-do list and home improvement tasks was not supposed to be in my cards. But, you’ve got to find the silver lining, right? Thankfully, I know the work of my favorite Atlanta roofing companies and trust Sentinel Exteriors to get the job done right without any hassle.

Popular Specialty Roofing

Upon doing some research, I found that the most common type of roof is possibly composite in the form of shingles. Overall, it tends to be long-lasting, easy to install, affordable, and — bonus — comes in many colors. If you are interested in the history of composite (I found it pretty interesting), then feel free to go check out what Lifetime Commercial Roofing notes in their article here.

One little catch to be aware of with a composite roof is the lifetime guarantee. According to Bob Vila, there are quite a few class-action lawsuits raining down on names like Hardishake, Maxishake, and Permatek which have prematurely failed. So, make sure you do your comparisons and look into your options as there are many choices. Bob explains that EcoStar, CertainTeed, and DaVinci Roofscapes, LLC make good quality composite shingles with credentials to back up the claims.

Benefits of Composite Roofing

Something I was drawn to in the composite shingles is the natural look of either wood or slate, but knowing that the issues you can get with the true natural wood or slate do not come into play with the composite version. It’s almost like having your cake AND eating it, too! So, you get durable, cost-effective, nice looking shingles or shakes for usually a lifetime or 30 to 50-year warranty.

Enviroshake comments on the advantages of composite roofing in their article here by stating, “In areas with extreme climates such as coastal areas and mountain areas, composite roofing products are far superior resistance to the elements such as strong winds, snowstorms, hailstorms, heavy rain, salt spray and freeze/thaw conditions than natural cedar.” They simply remark, “Homeowners thinking about balancing aesthetics, performance, cost and total value will love composite shakes and shingles.”

The more I look, the more I agree with Enviroshake. Long-lasting, budget-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing tick off my boxes of requirements well for a roof. And, let’s remember, if you have a roof (I will add a GOOD roof) over your head, the sky’s the limit! You can rest easier and focus on other important aspects of life.

But What IS Composite Roofing?

Are you curious about what composite roofing consists of that makes it a better choice than natural shingles or shakes? Doityourself explains the formation quite well when they remark, “Composite roofing uses a mixture of commonly-used roofing materials to allow greater protection from the elements. By definition, it’s the composite or various parts that contribute to the strength of such roofing. Composite roofing is made from asphalt or asbestos shingles, tar paper roofing, slate, shake, laminate, wood, etc. When mixed, these “ingredients” create a superior roofing shingle. The variety of material used allows for a diverse composite shingle. There are composite slate and composite shake shingles, in addition to the regular composite.”

Adding to this, composite shingles are engineered to look as close to their natural counterpart as possible with the alternative materials that make it surpass the natural choice while still maintaining the appearance or beauty.

Lifetime Composite Roofing Was The Right Choice

For me. Taking all of this into consideration, I know what type of roof I will choose in order to hold up to the weather and other issues in my area. Truly lifetime composite roof, indeed, with a great warranty in case of any problems that do arise in the future (if any do). Anyone looking at my roof will not know the difference between natural slate and composite slate (or wood or other natural shingle and the composite version), but my mind will rest easy knowing that the product used consists of a more durable quality that will have a great lifespan.

The sky’s the limit for me and my family with this roof over our heads. I look forward to it! What about you?