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Working With Insurance Companies on Roof Replacement or Repair

Working with insurance companies when having your roof replaced can be a hassle if you don’t choose the right roofer. We have experience working with insurance companies from Woodstock to Canton, Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell, and even Cartersville (and everywhere in between). We know how to make the process easy and painless so you can skip many of the steps below. In the end, you will likely find yourself with a new roof and a check in your hand to pay for it.

We pride ourselves on being a go-to resource for insurance agents when their clients need roofs in the Atlanta area, and they keep coming back because we are honest, professional and easy to work with. 

But, if you are still curious about what the typical process looks like, we have outlined the steps below. Keep in mind, many of these steps may not be a challenge at all when using Sentinel Exteriors as your Woodstock area roofer.

Check your insurance policy

Most typical homeowner’s insurance policies will cover roof repair or replacement only if it’s due to an act of nature such as an ice storm, heavy winds, or fire. Generally, if the roof damage was caused by age or lack of maintenance, your policy will cover any damage caused by the leak but not the roof repair itself. Additionally, if your policy has roof age or condition requirements, it may cover repairs or replacement only up to a certain depreciated amount. It is important that you contact your insurance company right away after any major storms to make sure your roof is inspected promptly to remove any doubt that the damage was caused recently. You also want to avoid dealing with a leak that may have been caused by the storm that could worsen over time (disqualifying it from insurance coverage). 

Call your insurance provider

The insurance company will send an inspector to assess the damage and verify your claim. Then, based on your policy coverage and the extent of the damage, they may make a recommendation for repair or full roof replacement. If the damage is minor and repairs cost less than your deductible, it may not be worthwhile to file a claim. In all cases, it’s important to fix any issues with your roof before they can cause further damage to your home. Most insurance companies will allow you to use the roofing contractor of your choice for the job.

Find a local roofing contractor

It is extremely important to find a reliable and trusted professional roofing contractor. Check reviews and qualifications through online sites with trusted, verified reviews such as Facebook, Google or Angie’s List, and recommendations from neighbors, family, and friends. Look for a contractor who has experience in working with insurance companies, and who can help you navigate the process of submitting your claim. 

Get an estimate

We offer free inspections and estimates for roof repair or replacement. These will help you and your insurance company determine what work is needed, how much it will cost, and a timeline for completion of the repairs or roof replacement. If possible, source estimates from more than one company to ensure you’re receiving a reasonable rate. Be sure to ask for all estimates in writing prior to making your decision.

Hire a roofing contractor

Before hiring a contractor, consider the following factors from the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety:

  • Ask to see the company’s certificates of insurance to ensure its coverage for liability and workers’ compensation insurance is current.
  • Get everything in writing including total cost, specific work to be completed, project schedule, guarantees, payment terms and other expectations. Anything you sign will be considered a binding contract.
  • Pay close attention to material warranties from the roof manufacturer and installation warranties from the contractor and look at what they do and don’t include, particularly what is contained in the “Terms, Conditions, and Limitations” section, which may reference specific wind speeds, types of weather or “Acts of God.”
  • Don’t be pushed into signing a contract right away. Reputable roofing contractors are looking out for your best interest and will not pressure you.
  • Never sign a contract with blanks—fraudulent contractors may enter unacceptable terms later.
  • Make sure you review and understand all documents sent to your insurance carrier.
  • Never pay a contractor in full or sign a completion certificate until all the work is completed.

Once you’re satisfied with your contractor’s qualifications, and you’ve agreed on price and timeline, the work can begin.

Put together your documentation

Proper documentation is key to making sure you receive your maximum insurance claim quickly and easily. Ideally, you’ll already have a set of “before” images of your roof and exterior property. Once damage occurs, take detailed “after” photos for your files. Don’t rely on photos taken by inspectors or contractors, it’s always best to have your own records. Put these photos into a folder, along with any and all assessments, estimates, bills or invoices that you receive. These will all need to be submitted to your insurance provider in order to receive your claim.

Submit your final claim

If you’ve been following the steps above, you’ll already have been in contact your insurance provider throughout the roof repair or replacement process. With the help of your roofing contractor and the thorough documentation you’ve kept each step of the way, the actual claims process should be as easy as submitting your paperwork and receiving your reimbursement.

Working With Insurance Companies On Your Roof Replacement

If any of these steps seem like a challenge, we want you to know we are with you every step of the way. We have had many clients have their roof completely paid for by their insurance company. We know the intricacies of insurance company processes and will do everything we can to make sure your home is protected and safe. If your home has recently weathered a severe storm, winter weather, or hail damage give us a call today for a free no-pressure estimate.