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Roof Repair Considerations

Roof repair can save you thousands. But timing is everything.

“It is the neglect of timely repair that makes rebuilding necessary.” — Richard Whately

This is important to remember when considering home repairs. And one of the top repairs to keep in mind is roof repair. You do NOT want to get into a situation where you neglect your roof to the point of needing to rebuild or replace it entirely. That can be quite costly.

According to Home Advisor the national average cost of repairing a roof is $770. The typical range is between $331-$1,221 with the low end being $148 and the high end being $4,100. The cost to replace a roof can be up to ten times that much!

When you think about it in those terms, would you prefer to take the time to repair your roof now for minimal cost or wait until you need to replace it entirely? Indeed, the repair costs sound much more feasible.

Most Common Causes of Needs for Roof Repairs

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of needing to repair your roof? Sun damage? Wind blowing off the shingles? Or leaks in which you’ll need buckets placed throughout your home like in the movies? Let’s cover a few of the most common leaks and roof repair issues:

  • Cracked flashing or vent booting – Age and extreme weather conditions can contribute to causing the flashing (metal strip creating water-resistant barrier between roof and joins) to crack or corrode. Besides flashing cracking, the tar used to seal the flashing can deteriorate. When a cracked vent booting (gasket used to seal your roof vents) leaks, it can leave an odor or dark spots on your ceiling below.
  • Skylight leaks – Age can cause seals and skylight window frames to crack and leak. However, before replacement, ensure normal condensation isn’t the culprit.
  • Broken/Missing shingles – As stated above, gusts or high winds can lift, break, or remove shingles completely.
  • Ice dams – Just as skylights can form leaks, a roof that warms enough to melt snow build-up can also refreeze quickly, which creates ice dams that hold snow on the roof. Besides the damage that can occur from water pooling up, the weight of the ice can be detrimental also.
  • Clogged gutters – We all get busy, but failing to clean out your gutters can cause a blockage and prevent rainwater from running off efficiently. This causes water to pool up and leads to leaks.

Roof Repair Options

Finding an honest and quality roof repair company that offers roof repair services to fit your needs is a good start. While locating roofing repair contractors may not be difficult, ensuring they do a GOOD job may be an undertaking. The last thing we want is for you to land with a dishonest roofing contractor. Here are a few ways to sift through the roofing contractors in Woodstock:

  • Shop around – don’t settle for the first roof repair company or roofing repair contractor you come across. Compare and contrast, ask questions, and make an informed decision. Three to five proposals should give you a good idea of what each recommends, how they differ, and how they fit your needs.
  • Cost – Make sure you are not swayed merely by proposal prices. Just because a bid is low, does not mean it should be your choice. Be aware of hidden costs or extras and compare what each roofer is offering. Are they within 20% of each other? If so, then the lowest bid may be worth considering.
  • Proposals in writing — Whether you receive an estimate or a bid, having it in writing is imperative. A bid is a fixed amount to do the job, whereas an estimate is the roofer company/contractor’s best guess on what the job will cost. Do not leave anything to chance, if possible.
  • Payment details – Don’t be shy. Make sure that you find out when payment is due and understand the payment process. Will the roofer expect a percentage prior to beginning? What types of payment does the roofing contractor accept? Does the company offer a guarantee of the work or product provided?
  • Timeline – knowing when the job will begin and end could also help you decide which roofer company or contractor to choose. Find out what you need to do to prepare for the repairs. Don’t forget to see if the roof repair company or contractor will be cleaning up when finished and if that’s included in the estimate or bid. Leave no stone left unturned.
  • Warranty information – many roofing materials are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. However, your roofing company or contractor should be able to tell you what warranty will come with the material you choose. Be sure to ask and cover your bases.
  • Plans – if the roof repair company or contractor did not include a plan of action for dealing with inadequate venting and poor flashing, you need to ask. Find out how they plan to handle these areas. Prevention is key.

Prevent Roof Replacement with Affordable Roof Repair

While taking all of this into consideration, remember prevention and roof repairs may seem expensive, but replacing an entire roof could be astronomical in comparison. Take care of the roof over your head and rebuilding won’t be necessary.