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It’s said that the home is where the heart is. If that’s the case, then the roof is like a layer of armor that protects the heart. And just like real armor, it needs to be cared for and maintained. If ignored, small signs of wear and tear can become gaps, cracks, and holes in the armor. That leads to water and other undesirable elements leaking into the home and affecting everyone. Roof repair and maintenance are critical in expanding the life of your roof.

Keeping with the metaphor, you can think of us as the local blacksmith. We will inspect the armor, clean the armor, repair the armor, and eventually replace it when the time comes. But of course, we aren’t really blacksmiths. We are professional roofing contractors based in Woodstock, GA with decades of combined experience serving residents of Woodstock and the greater Atlanta area. We’ve seen just about every roofing problem imaginable and know exactly what to do to ensure your roofing system is always doing its job. Pick up the phone and call Sentinel Exteriors today at (678) 578-5100 to schedule an inspection or discuss repairs.

What Are the Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement?

Many new homeowners, unfortunately, neglect their roofs until a problem becomes severe and unavoidable. We don’t advise taking this route. Investing in regular maintenance and repairs is a much better idea. Some of the advantages include:

  • It costs significantly less in the long run.
  • You can extend the life of your roofing system by several years.
  • You ensure your roof is always working at optimum efficiency.
  • It keeps the roof, and thus the house itself, looking good.

Our primary objective is always to ensure the client has a working roof over their head. You may not think of a roof in terms of “working” and “not working”, but in reality, there is a difference. The job of a roof is to keep the elements outside and the indoor air inside. There are many problems and types of damage that can prevent a roof from doing its job. That is what we mean when we say that a roof is “not working” properly.

In terms of scope, there is no job too big or too small for our trained experts. We handle minor repairs like replacing shingles or flashing. We also handle large-scale tasks, including new roof installations. If you believe that your roof is not doing its job, then the best action you can take is to call our office. We will schedule a visit as soon as possible and return your roof to working order.

Local Repairs

Leaks are by far one of the most serious problems a homeowner can experience. A slow and steady drip may seem like something that can be ignored, but that is far from the truth. It doesn’t take long for a slow and steady drip to cause serious water damage to whatever is beneath it.

Even worse, accumulated moisture can result in mold growth in as little as 48 hours. There’s a huge gap between the cost of repairing a small leak and the cost of mold remediation. Replacing building materials in the attic isn’t exactly cheap or quick either. We advise contacting our office at (678) 578-5100 as soon as you discover a leak in your roof no matter how small it may seem.

Roof Leak Repairs Services

Roofs usually collect debris after some time. Algae and moss can grow on the debris. It is common for algae and moss to grow on the roof, especially in areas receiving less sun. We recommend you remove algae and moss because they can discolor or damage the roof. If they damage your roof, replace your roof.

What Makes Us Unique From The Rest?

At Sentinel Exteriors, our top priority is the homeowner and giving them the best service possible. And we understand that this requires more than just a single exceptional element. First, we strive to hire only the best experts in the field. Our work standards are extremely high and the contractors we bring on board must meet this standard every single time they head to a new home.

Second, we equip those workers with the best tools in the industry. Roofing isn’t exactly a new trade but there are still new innovations that happen all of the time. Our contractors are equipped with an arsenal of the best possible tools and equipment available.

Finally, we always listen to what the client has to say. It’s impossible to offer the best possible service if you ignore what the homeowners think about that service. We aren’t afraid to listen to criticism and improve because of it. That’s what makes us unique and allows us to say “we are the best” with confidence.

Emergency Roof Repair

When disaster strikes your business the last thing you want is to wait two weeks for an appointment. The longer your roof is damaged the more money you lose replacing damaged items or just paying to stay somewhere else. Emergency roof repair is one of the most important services that we provide in the Atlanta area. There are a lot of homes here and a lot of unexpected storms. Our experts will arrive on the scene, install protective measures to prevent additional damage, and quickly get to work making the necessary repairs.

Roof Replacements vs Roof Repairs

Unfortunately, no modern roofing system can last forever. Most roofs will last between 20 and 30 years depending on how well they are cared for. A roof replacement is obviously a more costly and time-consuming project but it’s something you’ll likely deal with at some point if you are a homeowner. If you’re an owner of a newer home with a newer roof, then maintenance and roof repairs can help prolong the need for replacements.

Exactly when a complete replacement is needed is going to depend on the type of roof, its age, and how well it has been maintained. Some materials have a much longer lifespan than others. Your best option is to schedule an inspection with our qualified contractors. We’ll let you know if a replacement is needed at the time or if standard repairs are enough. We can also help you prepare for that time when a replacement will be needed.

When It Comes To Roof Maintenance Timing Is Everything

As mentioned, maintenance is advised twice a year. Timing is extremely important when scheduling roofing maintenance. We advise scheduling your maintenance visits in the spring and the autumn. This allows our experts to address the problems that occur most often during the summer and winter months. It also helps ensure the roof is prepared to handle those more intense seasons.







Preventative Practices

Regular maintenance isn’t just about repairing existing damage. It’s also about taking preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of future damage. A few simple preventative practices will greatly reduce the risk of damage during the summer and winter months. These practices can include:

  • Moss removal
  • Gutter/downspout cleaning
  • Clearing vent and chimney openings
  • Mold inspection and removal

Setting Up A Roof Maintenance Plan

At Sentinel Exteriors, we enjoy working with our clients on an ongoing basis. We want to be your first and lost stop for your roofing needs. We work with many of the same residential and commercial clients for several years. One of the first things we recommend, especially for commercial clients, is establishing an ongoing maintenance plan.

By scheduling a maintenance plan ahead of time you remove the guesswork and can have confidence that your roof will continue to function properly. If you’re interested in setting up a roof maintenance plan, call our office today at (678) 578-5100. We will walk you through every step and schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient to you.

What Are The Most Common Roof Problems?

Once you have as much experience as we do you get used to seeing a lot of the same problems over and over again. You also get really good at handling these problems in a quick and efficient manner. Here are some of the most common roof problems we handle in the Atlanta area.

Bad Flashing

Whether it’s damaged by weather or just improper installation; bad flashing is extremely common.

Gutter Buildup

Not every homeowner is comfortable putting their kids to work cleaning the gutters. Gutter buildup is a very common occurrence and can lead to very serious damage if it is ignored.

Ruined Shingles

Georgia is well known for its spontaneous storms. Those storms tend to rip and tear at shingles, which is something that needs to be addressed and repaired as soon as possible.

Damaged Soffits

Excessive exposure to rain and sunlight can lead to damaged soffits. Unfortunate, rain and sunlight are both in abundance in Georgia. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring a damaged soffit for too long.


Moisture damage is almost always a symptom of a larger problem. At any rate, it needs to be repaired and prevented quickly or the damage will become more severe.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Roof Repair Provider

There’s nothing wrong with taking the DIY approach to projects around the house. But when it comes to your roof we advise trusting a professional roof repair provider. Whether it’s repairs, maintenance, or installation; tackling the job yourself could actually make the problem worse. There are other benefits to working with our trusted experts.


Working on a roof is a high-risk scenario if you aren’t properly trained. Don’t risk your life for a few shingles when we’re here to help.


Taking the DIY approach may seem like it saves money, but it can actually cost a lot more in the long run if the job isn’t handled perfectly.


Finally, we offer a warranty on the products and services we provide. If something is wrong we will make sure it is fixed or replaced immediately.

Call Sentinel Exteriors for Your Roof Repair and Maintenance Needs

Are you an Atlanta home or business owner? If so, then you need to be thinking about your roof and the condition it is in. And you need to be thinking about this before you notice serious damage or a massive leak. Investing in inspections, maintenance, and minor repairs is always the best course of action. Call the roofing professionals at Sentinel Roofing at (678) 578-5100 to discuss your roofing needs.