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The windows on any property are an essential part of the building and must be installed or replaced by professionals. Hiring a professional window installation or replacement service will come with numerous benefits such as durability and reliability. Getting new windows or deciding when you need to replace the windows can be challenging for any homeowner, so relying on an experienced window replacement company in Woodstock is always the best option.

Are you a resident of Georgia looking to install or replace your windows? Choose Sentinel Exteriors. We have the expertise you need for your project.

Why Choose Us

Choosing a professional window replacement company in Woodstock, GA will give you the best results. Here is why you can trust us:

  • Experienced
  • Certified
  • Customer Service Is Our Priority


We have been in this industry for years and know how to choose the best windows for any house. We can help you pick out a design that is suitable for your home. Our expertise comes in handy when our clients need us to guide them through the installation process as they know they can trust us completely.


Our company has a license that enables us to give quality work to our clients. All the personnel is certified and skilled which ensures that the results are efficient and long-lasting. Our high-quality standards are what make us stand out as the best company for window replacement and installation.

Customer Service Is Our Priority

We give our customers the upper hand when working with them. You can decide on the design you want and let us know. We work with you all the way to ensure that the results are what you have in mind.

Styles of Windows We Provide

We offer a variety of windows for your home, including:

  • Bay and Bow Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Single-hung Windows
  • Double-hung Windows
  • Special Shaped and Combination Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Horizontal Slider Windows

Benefits of Replacing Windows

Replacing your windows gives you various advantages. These include:

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Having your windows replaced will give your property more value should you even need to sell the place. Research has shown that replacing your windows will attract new buyers and increases the value of the property, giving you back about 75% of the investment that you made in the project. That means that you get to enjoy your new windows while there and the return on an investment after you sell.

Improved Energy Efficiency

You can swap the old windows for new energy-efficient windows. This is possible because of the advancements that have been made in the window manufacturing industry. Having energy-efficient windows means that you will not have to deal with high energy bills because you will not have to crank up the AC during those hot summer months. Additionally, you will not have to pay too much for heating costs during winter. There are windows with multiple insulation chambers that keep the heat inside the house ensuring that you do not need to have the furnace on all the time.

Noise Reduction

Replacing your windows means that you will not have to deal with loud lawn mowers in the morning or the neighbor’s dog barking too loudly at times when you need your rest. With the advancements that have been made in window manufacturing, you can enjoy the quiet in your home. Triple pane glass can help reduce most of the noise from outside which gives you a quieter environment that you can rest in.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

There are various options for designs when you are selecting replacement windows, which means that you can choose a design that brings out the best aspects of the house. You can decide to add colorful windows if you want to make a statement or have them contrast the rest of the building. New windows increase the beauty of the house both inside and outside. They give the house a whole new outlook and make you feel like you’ve got a brand new house.

Additionally, new windows can keep out the dust that gets into the home making you sick. High-quality windows can keep the allergens at bay and make sure that your home is free from any elements that could make you ill.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

You should start planning to replace your windows if you notice any of the following signs:

You Hear a Lot of Noise Outside

If there is too much noise when you are indoors, then it is time to get an upgrade. Your windows should be able to prevent too much noise such that you are comfortable when inside. There is no point in having sleepless nights because the neighbor’s dog keeps barking. You can even sleep in on the mornings when there is a lawnmower running outside. If you cannot be comfortable when in your house because the outside is too loud, then it is time to replace your windows.

Feeling a Draft When the Windows Are Closed

Your windows should not let air in when they are closed. If you feel a draft when they are closed or if you notice that your energy bills are inexplicably high, it could be because the windows are letting out the comfortable air from inside.

Water Damage to the Frames, or Chipped/Soft Frames

Have you noticed any cracks on the frame? Cracked frames are often an indication that there is a problem, and the windows need replacement sooner rather than later. The same also applies to soft window frames.

Difficulties Opening/Closing Windows

If you have started noticing that you need to bang the windows to close them or try hard when opening the windows, often to a point of pushing, then you may need a replacement. Windows that do not lock properly can become a problem because you will start paying higher energy bills.

Condensation Builds up Between Glass Layers or Cracked Window Glass

Condensation build-up between panes is often a result of a broken glass seal. The best solution is to have a replacement. Cracked window glass is not a very good look for your house. If you have cracked glass, then you should also consider a replacement.

How Should I Prepare for Window Replacement?

Once you have decided to replace the windows, you need to be prepared before the installer arrives. You should prepare for the replacement by removing any curtains or blinds. This gives the installer enough space to caulk and set the frame. If there is any furniture near the windows, it ought to be moved away (three feet is the suggested amount of space). You should also remove any valuables that may be near the windows. If you have placed any art or paintings near your windows, make sure that you take it down. The same applies to any decorations on the windows, such as flower pots that may be near the window.

If you have an alarm system for your house, make sure that you notify the alarm company. They’ll send someone to remove the sensors around the windows to enable the installer to do their work efficiently. Once the windows have been replaced, you can inform your security company so that they can set up the alarm systems and the window sensors once more.







How Much Will It Cost to Replace My Windows?

Although there isn’t a fixed price for replacement as there are factors that need to be considered, the lowest amount for replacing one window is about 250 dollars while the highest can reach up to 1200 dollars. Some factors affect the price and these are:


The more elaborate the design that your windows have, the more they’ll cost. Each design comes with its price because of the extra features that may be involved.

Materials Used

The materials the windows are made of count a lot and affect the price considerably. Wood is the most expensive but there are other options such as vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. It is important to consider durability more than cost because a long-lasting window is the goal. Choosing a material that is low maintenance and durable will save you in the end.

Number Of Windows

If you have more windows then automatically you will have to pay more for a replacement than a homeowner that has fewer windows. However, you may have many windows that do not have an elaborate style while another homeowner has fewer windows with a different and more elaborate design. This will also affect the cost.

Energy Efficiency

The more energy-efficient the windows are, the more they will cost. It is important, though, to keep in mind that paying more for energy-efficient windows is better than dealing with very high energy bills.

If You Need Your Windows Replaced Contact Sentinel Exteriors

Replacing windows is a project that may seem expensive to you at the time of the replacement but has numerous benefits once you have done it. Having a company that understands the whole process will ensure that you are not stressed as you decide which materials to use and which design to go with.

Call Sentinel Exteriors in Woodstock, Georgia, to get the best window replacement experts and get a quote estimate.