Urban Sprawling keeps Summer Crawling

Exciting news has been happening around town! In Woodstock, we are seeing the opening of the Peach Pass Lanes this summer. This is exciting times for Cherokee County, well maybe.

Some of us, like the small town feel and the hustle and bustle of Atlanta seems to make blood pressures rise. Change is here to stay and regardless whether we like it or not, sort of like the The Shoppes at Town Lake Outlet Mall!

As the summer has finally hit and the temperatures are at their all time highs for the year, so is your energy bills! Take a breather, just jump in the neighborhood pool with the energy bill in hand. It’s always nice to destroy a power bill even if you do still have to pay Georgia Power!

Good news, we do have solutions for you. As the temperatures rise, so is the temperatures in your attic. If your attic is hot and humid, so is your house. Don’t think that pink stuff on the floor of your attic is suffice? 75% of homes built before 2010, are not. Chances are your attic is under spec too. With failing ventilation systems and weak insulation, it can wreak havoc on an HVAC system in Atlanta. Your roofing will definitely detriment from it . Record temperatures are hitting Cherokee County soon and while Cherokee County Water and Sewage Authority loves us running those sprinklers and pools, it’s nice to enjoy a comfortable inside too.

Therefore a few steps should be taken to maximize efficiency:

  1. Get your HVAC system inspected. If the coil and condenser are still running the Old R-22 Freon you need to start budgeting. Our friends over at A-Team Heating and Air are a great group of friends. Rodney and staff would love to know we referred you.
  2. Check your Windows and doors. One of the biggest problems of cooling a house is letting the cool stuff out. Your windows and doors can be like a Yeti cooler or like a Oven. It just depends on how well it is insulating your house. Give us a call, we can give you some pointers.
  3. Check your garage doors. Your garage can really penetrate deep into your home. Especially when you have doors that are broken and unable to function properly. Garages can cause a difference of 15 degrees in a home! Four Seasons Overhead Door of Atlanta and Dan Watkins has helped many of our customers and we think highly of him!
  4. Check Your insulation. The R-60 measure is where we are and that is nearly 4 feet ! There are other types of material such as Spray Foam, that is very efficient. It can reduce heat in your attic to as much as 70 degrees.
  5. The ventilation of your roof is a VERY important measure. While we measured the temperatures in an attic in Bridgemill Subdivision in Canton, GA. This attic was as hot as 141 degrees while the living space was a 73 degrees.. That heat has to escape and a couple of turtle vents was not doing the job. We had to maximize airflow on this hip roof. While the roof was done last year, the roofing company did not replace vents with new vents. That ended up causing the roofing system to start to fail from lack of ventilation. This would leave problems such as warranty issues and deniability from insurance carriers for lack of maintenance. Have Sentinel Exteriors do a total roof inspection, so we can see how your roof is working.

At the end of the day, Sentinel Exteriors is your neighbor and we want to serve you because we are Serious about Service. Give us a call today and give us the opportunity to show you!

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